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Infrastructure Penetration Testing


This is done to review the holistic runtime surroundings of your application.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing assesses the application's internal and external networks.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Our penetration tester uses your internal network while posing as a normal user of the organization. He/she would then try to exploit any possible loopholes, including trying ways to access peripheral but crucial information, and find out a way to compromise the security of your internal network. Once these vulnerabilities are caught by us, we would suggest amends to the internal security system.

External Network Penetration Testing

This test is done to examine the external threats to your application. Our penetration tester would act like an actual hacker and try to exploit the servers, hosts and devices which are exposed to internet at any point. The pre-deployed network security tools such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are critically examined in the process.

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